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I am writing this letter with grateful thanks for the fantastic pool you installed for us. The whole process was incredibly easy. We had talked with several other pool installers before you and they made everything seem so complicated. Your team was amazing and you did a terrific job coordinating everything. On the first day the crew arrived, dug out the hole, installed the pool, and filled it with water. When I left for work in the morning no one was there, but when I returned the pool was in and full of water. We had a few days delay due to heavy rain, but on the first dry day the concrete was poured. Immediately after Jarod arrived and hooked up the pump and cleaned the pool and we were ready to go. Since the pool has been in we have used it every day. The kids spend most of the day in it. We turn the filter on for 4 hours a day and vacuum daily and the pool looks terrific. I am so glad I talked with you before having a pool installed as I believe the fiberglass pools are the only way to go. The pool looks great, is easy to clean, and very low maintenance. It did not cost too much more than a liner pool, but that difference will easily be made up in a few years. I highly recommend fiberglass pools and Pioneer Valley Fiberglass pools. As I stated before the whole process was easy for me and I am so glad we did it. Thanks to you, Clancy and your whole team for a fantastic job.

Janet L Reid

Janet L. Reid

( Fantastic Pool you installed for us )

Clancy and his staff installed a complex in-ground spa at our home that required much detail for the layout and mechanics. It turned out to be an exceptional installation with remote and wireless options included. It will offer us years of home entertainment and relaxation!! Thanks again!! July 24, 2017

A Happy Family of 3

Christopher Aquadro

( Via Facebook )

Clancy and his team are just great. Every detail was to perfection. A fiberglass pool is the best investment you can make and with Pioneer Valley, you can be absolutely sure the job will be done right. No short cuts. We can't say enough. June 28, 2014


Janice Tevald Gengras

( Via Facebook )

Pioneer is top notch honest people to work with! Clancy is very attentive to your questions and any concerns. He always gets back to you with an answer or will let you know if needs to find an answer for a question you have. The whole team is very knowledge. Hard working team of workers as well. Have to give extra merits to Mike he has been very good at everything he has done for us. Definitely would recommend the pioneer valley fiberglass pool company to anyone interested in having the pool oasis dream come true. August 24, 2017

Terry Moore

Terry Mark Poore

( Via Facebook )

What a great company, who is reliable, returns and answers every phone call and shows up when they say they will be there. Everyone is very knowledgeable, honest and friendly. Pioneer Valley fixed my brand new pool that had been leaking and installed wrong by another company a year ago. I am so very pleased with their work and will definitely use them in the future! September 11, 2015

Two Blonde Haired Women

Kristen Patricia

( Via Facebook )

After doing extensive research on pools, we chose Pioneer Valley Pools. What a fantastic decision! We are so happy with our new fiberglass pool. We have had the best experience working with Clancy and his team. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and highly competent. Our entire family enjoyed the pool this summer…even the dog! October 17, 2017

A Male and Female Couple

Ellen L Brodsky

( Via Facebook )

Clancy and his team installed our fiberglass pool in Vermont. They were extremely professional, answered all our questions, and were available by phone to answer additional questions after they finished. They went out of their way to be helpful - such as separating all the large rocks they unearthed to use for landscaping. Highly recommend these guys - excellent work.

A Smilling Woman

Virginia Taylor Lyons

( Via Facebook )

Now that our installation process is complete, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for making the entire process friendly, professional and worry-free. Right from the beginning, you were so flexible and understanding of all our needs and concerns. I am so very thankful that we ended up working with you and your wonderful company. Jarod and his staff really listen to the customer on a day to day basis! It is so refreshing to know that there are still "solid" businessmen out there like yourself who operate on trust, respect and all around customer satisfaction. We LOVE the pool and look forward to many years of pleasurable summers. All our best to you and the boys in the future. Thank you all so much!!!

Happy Family Smiling

Thank you all so much!!!

( The Knowlton Family )

Thank you so much for all the work you did on behalf of our family to get us the pool we always dreamed of having. Our family had been through a bad experience with another pool and then encountered serious medical issues with our son that made the dream of owning a pool impossible so I thought. Clancy worked with the equipment manufactures and San Juan as well as offering his own discount to make it all come together. They installed a fabulous pool with everything we ever wanted in less than a week including concrete. It was incredible and the transformation to our backyard is unbelievable. Thank you so much for all you did for our family.


Simply Unbelievable!

( Name Withheld at clients request )

When my wife and I decided that we were going to put a pool in we spent hours researching companies.  Pioneer Valley Pools and Spas was highly recommended across the net.  Prior horrible experiences with other contractors kept me hesitant despite their great reviews.  I had a long conversation with Clancy about his approach and what I could expect.  What a standup guy, Clancy and his team were 100% on the mark.  Always returned my calls, always went the extra mile, always provided us with nothing less than 100% professional customer service.  My wife and I can honestly say Pioneer Valley was the best contractor we have ever dealt with.  Their standards of conducting business are second to none.  My family and I could not be more satisfied with the service and result of our fiberglass pool.  Big thank you to Clancy, Mike and Jay for their hard work on this project.  It certainly would not have been possible without them.  If you’re in the market for a pool go fiberglass! If you’re in the market for a pool contractor go Pioneer Valley all the way, you will not be disappointed. KEITH BERNARDO PRESIDENT 166 New Boston Street Woburn, MA 01801 Office: (781) 933-1760 x206 Cell: (978) 804-6832   www.mkeng.com

Keith Bernardo

Keith and Nicole Bernardo

( Via Email )

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