Vacation or Staycation

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Vacation or Staycation

What’s Better: A Vacation or Staycation 

Many families look forward to that week in the summer when the whole family goes on vacation. You see a story on the Travel Channel of some destination and try to convince everyone in the family that’s the place to go. Maybe it’s to Disney, the Grand Canyon, NYC or perhaps a cruise. In the pre 9/11 world all of those destinations were pretty easy to get to.  Today it’s a whole different story as it is a whole different world.  You may have experienced getting a family of four through airport security. Taking of the kids, shoes, pulling out computers, coats and jackets in a separate bin and then putting everything and everyone back together – It isn’t easy, is it?

Transforming your backyard into your families’ Staycation Destination isn’t simple either, but with a Leisure Pool, you could be swimming in as little as a week.  So consider for a moment these points:

Packing, unpacking, security checkpointsStepping outside your backdoor
One-two weeksAll summer/All year depending on where you live
Eating at all meals at restaurantsBurgers and dogs on the grill
Sharing the resort pool with hundreds of othersYour private retreat


Staycation or Vacation

Vacation or Staycation

Consider these numbers courtesy of on the costs for a family of four to travel on a one week vacation:

Transportation: $1500 – based on about $1200 for airfare, $200 for a rental car, $100 for parking or shuttles

Accommodations: $1300 – based on $150 + $22 tax / night for 7 nights hotel and $96 hotel fees/tipping.  This is an average hotel rate for most 2-3 star hotels in most domestic cities.  International prices or higher star properties could cost more.

 Activities: $400 – based on visiting 3 attractions for $100 each and $100 souvenirs.  Of course, if you’re planning a big Disney or theme park vacation these costs might be too conservative.

Food: $1,120 – when planning for food the typical budget is $100 per day (based on $20 for breakfast, $40 for lunch, $90 for dinner plus snacks and drinks at $10 per day.

The grand total is over $4,000. Or think of it this way, ten years or 70 days costing a total of $40,000. That’s not a lot of bang for the buck. You could have installed a Leisure Pool and depending on where you live had 3,650 days of vacation or even if you swim season is limited as say in New England where you only have say four months of nice weather or 1,220 days. That’s a big difference!

Summer is approaching and you may be considering this summer’s family vacation. This is a great time to also consider creating your own staycation destination. You can request a Great Ideas pack here to get you started in the process. And with a Leisure Pool you are getting so much more than a simple swimming pool. You’re getting a lifetime warranted, low maintenance pool that will give you and your family years and years of staycation days!

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