Precision Leisure Fiberglass Pool

precision-leisure-fiberglass-poolPrecision Leisure Fiberglass Pool

European style and Australian ingenuity come together perfectly to create our newest pool, the Precision™. The Precision™ is an incredibly stylish rectangular pool packed with our latest design features. With backyards now getting smaller, we understand our customers are looking to maximize their outdoor space without comprising on quality and features. The Precision™ is the perfect pool for you taking contemporary design to new levels.

The Precision™ offers our patent pending High Water Line design, which includes the incorporation of dual weirs and hidden skimmer boxes that allow the Precision™ to be nearly filled with water and yet still skim debris off the water surface. Once paved, the Precision™, with its innovative dual weirs, completely hides your skimmer boxes offering a unique look and feel. Any debris on your water surface magically disappears into the weirs.

The Precision™ has a beautifully modern rectangular look with a large splash deck perfect for your little ones to enjoy the pool with you. A single set of stylish stairs flow graciously into your large swimming space, with a flat bottom floor which is perfect for cooling down on those lazy summer days or playing games with family and friends.

For those customers looking to exercise in their pool, The Precision™ is the perfect pool with the addition of a swim jet system allowing you to swim on the spot at your own pace. Leisure Pools® is proud to bring European flair to your home in the perfect size.



These colors have an inbuilt sparkle that shine like millions of diamonds, plus it also features Nuplex Composite’s AQUAGUARD®ECO PLUS Gelcoat which exhibits strong antimicrobial behavior to inhibit the growth of bacteria at the gelcoat surface, dramatically reducing the chance of algae growing in your fiberglass pool….so the SMART Color Range not only looks good but is good for you!

Ebony BlueSapphire BlueGraphite GreySilver GreyAquamarineCrystal BlueDiamond Sand


ModelLengthWidthShallow DepthDeep Depth
Precision 2726'7"10'10"4'11"4'11"
Precision 2423'4"10'10"4'11"4'11"


Precisely what you are looking for in a swimming pool, welcome to Leisure Pools’ latest addition to its range, the Precision. This sharp rectangular pool is designed to suit the growing demand of our customers to maximise garden space, without compromising quality of features.

The Precision includes Leisure Pools’ unique Patent Pending integrated Ultra High Water Level and Concealed Skimmer System.

The large splash deck allows a dedicated zone to laze and take in the sun, as well as being a perfect area for children to splash and play with parents close by.

Its constant depth with steps at the side keeps the pool area open for social activities, and games and bathing.

Available in two size options, the opportunities of Leisure Pools’ newest addition, the Precision, are endless.


The Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ swimming pool is a revolutionary advancement in composite fiberglass swimming pools. It offers the following unique advantages:


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