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Fiberglass Pool Price March

Five things to know before you receive an estimate.

At Pioneer Valley Pools we hear all the time questions like:

  • What should I ask?
  • What should I know?
  • What should I investigate?
  • How do I get started?

A swimming pool purchase is a major decision for the family and of course we all want to make sure that we are as prepared as possible. For this reason, we wanted to take a moment and give you 5 things that every swimming pool shopper should know even before they receive a swimming pool builder into their home to give an estimate.

1. Know that all the family wants a swimming pool

We know, you probably think this sounds silly but trust us it’s not. In fact, knowing that you do or do not want a swimming pool in your home is the key to your ability in making sound and rash decisions on what will be a solid investment by your family.
We receive countless phone calls where one spouse really wants it and all “we have to do” is to convince the other spouse. Um.. if you can’t do that, there is no way that we can! The job of each Leisure Pools Dealer is to help people, who know they want a swimming pool, choose the right swimming pool with the right options that will meet their needs not just today but years from now as well.

2. Know what swimming pool features are important to you

What is important to you, for example:

  • What aesthetic look are you searching for?
  • What functionality are you looking to achieve from the swimming pool?
  • How will you use the swimming pool – swimming laps or just floating around?
  • To fit a budget would you prefer a large pool with less options or a smaller pool with more options?

These are just a few common questions swimming pool shoppers should consider as part of their investigation process. This is why every swimming pool shopper should consider what’s important to them about their swimming pool and then rate these in order before they meet with a swimming pool builder. Trust us when we say that by doing this your ability to focus on the right swimming pool with the right options will be enhanced drastically.

3. Know what’s most important to you about the swimming pool structure

Some important questions to consider, include:

  • Is the quality of the fiberglass swimming pool important to you or is it all about price?
  • Is the warranty on the swimming pool structure important to you or is it all about price?

Like any product category, the quality of a fiberglass swimming pool varies from company to company. At Leisure Pools, we have a reputation of manufacturing a very high quality swimming pool with an excellent warranty for a very reasonable price.

Unfortunately the word quality is overused these days so you need to investigate how a manufacturer ensures that it provides a quality product to its customers. In order to understand if a fiberglass swimming pools is a quality swimming pool you need to dig a little deeper and ask questions like:

  • What testing is undertaken to ensure that you receive a quality fiberglass swimming pool?
  • What raw materials are used to manufacture the fiberglass swimming pool – does the manufacturer use 100% vinyl ester resin through the entire manufacturing process?
  • What warranty is offered and does the swimming pool come with an osmosis warranty?
  • Does the manufacturer test both the incoming raw materials and the manufactured swimming pool?
  • Does the person testing the raw materials have the technical skills to know what they are testing?
  • What tests are undertaken to ensure that the fiberglass swimming pool is within a quality specification?

What information is available on the manufacturers website on how they deliver quality.

Although these questions seem very technical to investigate you are making a large investment and you need to ensure that the fiberglass swimming pool you are selecting will last the test of time so as to provide you maximum value for money.

4. Know what’s most important to you about your swimming pool builder

Some important question to consider, include:

  • Are you looking for a swimming pool builder to do a complete turnkey installation?
  • Are you looking for a swimming pool builder to just get the swimming pool installed and you take over the balance of the work?
  • Is price your key decision, or does the quality, workmanship and reputation of the swimming pool builder a key factor in your decision?

These are important questions that every swimming pool shopper should answer before they meet with a swimming pool builder. So many people initially say that the bottom line price is the determining factor. In truth however, whilst many people start with bottom line price as their criteria many shoppers ultimately make their decision based on where they feel they are getting best value for money, even if it isn’t the lowest price.

Value for money shoppers will factor in the quality of the swimming pool shell, swimming pool equipment, reputation and quality of workmanship of the swimming pool builder. How many times have we heard stories of people taking the cheapest quote only to end up paying more than what they would have had they gone with the company that had a quality product and professional service.

So please consider these questions as you shop for your swimming pool. Write down your priorities and let these priorities be your compass as you seek to find the best swimming pool and swimming pool builder for you and your family.

5. Know your true budget

It is important to know your true budget so that when you start speaking with a swimming pool builder you can provide the builder with guidance on your budget so that your swimming pool project can be designed around this budget.

We know for many this might seem like putting the cart before the horse but in reality the exact opposite is true. We have heard many times that customers give deposits, get on an installation schedule and then find our financing is just not there. This is why we strongly suggest to swimming pool shoppers to consider how they intend to finance the project and what finance capacity you have for the project before you sit down with the swimming pool builder. This will enable for the project to be designed around your budget.

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