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Happy 2020 Everyone!

Because of the high freight cost associated with shipping pools, Leisure Pools ships them by the truckload to our New Jersey distribution center. By having so many pools in inventory we are able to pass along savings that would otherwise be involved with shipping a pool from Tennessee where the pools are built.



Upcoming Loads from TN to NJ

  • Leaving 02.19.20 –  Allure / Tuscany
  • Leaving 03.10.20 –  Pinnacle / Summit
  • Leaving 03.17.20 –  Eclipse

OLDER INVENTORY: The following pools are older stock and Leisure Pools is offering discounts on these select pools. These are first quality pools with no blemishes. Discounts vary so please refer to the serial number when inquiring about these models:

Pool / ColorSerial NumberBuilt
Harmony 23 Sapphire Blue CACA03031602US2016
Allure 30 Sapphire Blue CACA10051608US2016
Allure 30 Crystal Blue CACA02031705US2017
Ultimate 35 Sapphire Blue CACA07031702US2017
Palladium Plunge 20 Crystal Blue CACA03051709US2017
Reflection 26 Sapphire Blue CACA19051702US2017
Reflection 23 Aquamarine CACA22051711US2017
Elegance 39 Silver Grey CACA30051709US2017
Limitless 26 Sapphire Blue CACA22061711US2017
Limitless 26 Sapphire Blue CACA26061712US2017
Tuscany 23 Graphite Grey CACA14071704US2017
Tuscany 23 Graphite Grey CACA25071702US2017
Tuscany 23 Ebony Blue CACA08061802US2018
Ultimate 35 Sapphire Blue CACA09071804US2018
Allure 30 Sapphire Blue CACA20071810US2018
Allure 30 Sapphire Blue CACA18071809US2018
Harmony 20 Sapphire Blue CACA26101801US2018
Allure 30 Crystal Blue CACA19111806US2018

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