Who we are

Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas was formed in late 2002 by its owner Clarence Kaye of Holyoke, MA. Clancy (as he is known) who had an extensive background in Construction and engineering knew that an alternative to more traditional liner or Gunite pool products were available.

Still, there was a common misconception about Fiberglass pools here in the northeast. Competitors for Years have created a fear factor that these pools will “pop out of the ground” and are not designed to withstand the freeze thaw conditions we experience here in the northeast region of the country. Clancy was concerned about these misconceptions as he certainly did not want to sell a product that was unsuitable for this area. After extensive research he concluded that these statements were just not true, and it was in fact the competitors only defense to a customer looking at Fiberglass products as to attempt to discredit, slander and smear the fiberglass pool industry.

Clancy knew that most consumers were smart and with the power of the Internet could do their own research and educate themselves . He was confident that most Consumers would come to the same conclusion that he did and purchase a Leisure fiberglass product. It is a big investment in your life, your home, your family, and your grandchildren.

Leisure fiberglass pools products are not for everyone. Typically our products will cost 20-30% more than conventional liner products and about the same as conventional gunite products. Everyone wants to drive a Cadillac, but the reality is not everyone can afford one. Then again, what is a lifetime of maintenance free memories worth?


Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools has seen a steady rate of growth since it began in 2002 serving both western Massachusetts as well as northern Connecticut, yet continues to offer the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the industry today.

As you are considering an in ground fiberglass pool, please take a moment and watch this video from the owner as to Why choose Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas:

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