2020 Opening Request

Thank you for choosing Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools to open and service your pool. A couple of notes:

We were recognized as the Builder of the Year for Leisure Pools at a ceremony in Knoxville TN in November. We are so humbled and honored to have received this award. It makes us work even harder and this award recognizes achievement in customer satisfaction and workmanship. Thank you all!

If you will share your experience with a Google Review (search Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools Holyoke) and/or Facebook Recommendation ( https://www.facebook.com/pvfpools/ ), we will deduct $50 for each review/recommendation you post. Thank you for sharing!

To be sure that your pool is opened correctly and in a timely manner please follow these pool opening guidelines:

1) Have all water pumped off of your pool cover if you have a solid cover

2) Have power turned on to your pool equipment

3) You are responsible for filling your pool with water to the middle of the skimmer. This does not have to be done before opening but is highly recommended.

4) We will leave behind 120 pounds of salt.

5) We will sweep your pool – not vacuum. There is some elbow grease that may be needed to get your pool swim-ready for 2020.

6) Your pool will be super-chlorinated (shocked)

7) Please unlock gates to pool area for easy access of our technicians

8) If you would like to pay for your opening with a credit card, please call the office 413.222.3511 and we can process over the phone.

    Please open my: Pool - $350Pool & Spa - $450

    I would like to pay by: CheckCredit Card

    If paying by credit card, please call the office at 413.222.3511 with the number and we will process over the phone.

    Following our technician's visit please be prepared to spend some time removing any excess dirt, leaves, or other miscellaneous debris. You will also need to continue to check your water chemistry regularly to ensure you have a great start to your pool season. We encourage you to have your water tested at your local pool store. Be sure to tell them your pool is fiberglass and the gallons.

    Also, please remember to NEVER DRAIN YOUR FIBERGLASS POOL! This voids your warranty and will damage your pool. Thanks again and have a great summer swimming!

    2019 Pool Builder of the Year

    Leisure Pools - Pool Builder of the Year - Clancy Kaye

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