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Greetings All!

As you know by now we are not taking on any new work as we have made commitments to YOU and will do whatever we must do to fulfill those obligations. We all know this is caused by Covid, but let us explain exactly how.

First, manufacturing was halted in Tennessee by a county order and that shut down Leisure for 4 weeks. That was March and during the time, we experienced a surge of new business. Leisure resumed making pools but as homeowners all over the world were sheltering in place, they were also ordering pools.

In April, our sales skyrockets and in stock pools dwindled and we faced the challenge of getting your building permits. Some towns were closed and not issuing permits at all or conducting inspections, other projects required zoning or other agency approvals and they were halted.

In May, with production ramped up at Leisure and permits coming along and installations going swimmingly (pardon the pun), we increased our infrastructure and man power and most importantly, with a healthy work force we felt optimistic about going into the summer installation schedule.

Now in June we are having difficulty in getting equipment and trying to schedule installations based on when we can get water deliveries which as you know is required to set your pool into the ground. Whereas it used to be difficult to get a pool shipped to the Northeast, now it is getting the pumps, filters, santizers and nevermind heaters.

A great value to consider is our DIY Assisted Package.

We will get through this. We will make everyone’s “Backyard Dream“, “Staycation Destination” and “Happy Place” pool pool project come to life. We just ask you for faith and patience as we get through this.

Thank you!

Clancy and the entire PVF Pools team

2019 Pool Builder of the Year

Leisure Pools - Pool Builder of the Year - Clancy Kaye

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