2019 Outdoor Living Trends

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A Small Outdoor Pool

2019 Outdoor Living Trends


As designer Scott Shrader says, “Why go on vacation once a year when you can make your yard feel like you’re on vacation all year round?” Gardeners are finding more ways to enjoy a staycation in the comfort of their own backyard rather than waiting in airport lines and living out of a suitcase.

Here’s some inspiration:

  • Keep it low maintenance.
  • Set up a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music while you’re outside.
  • Site destination spaces—for example, a fire feature or a comfy lounge chair—in a spot that will draw people outside but not so far that you forget about it.
  • Invest in outdoor furniture that you actually want to sit in.
  • Include lighting to make your outdoor spaces easy to access when it gets dark out.
  • Install an outdoor kitchen if you love to cook.

2019 Pool Builder of the Year

Leisure Pools - Pool Builder of the Year - Clancy Kaye

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